Naturopathic wellness is a distinct entity in the world of medicine focusing on individualized healthcare, seeing each client different from the next. 

At Passionately Well, our focus is on reviewing, identifying and supporting the root-cause of dis-ease in the whole person. Our passion is in a client-centered approach with nutrition, relaxation, mental &  spiritual health. 

We provide a variety of products & services focusing on prevention, healing and lifestyle products which can easily be incorporated in your daily regimen. 

Allow us to partner with you  as you start your journey with living...Passionately Well. 




Clients may order lab work at discounted prices. With over 1,500 lab test available, lab work may be ordered as over 2,100 patient service centers’ nationwide. No physician authorizations or medical insurance required. Review and Track your results. Quick Answers. Click below, on the secured link to begin.


Naturopathic Consultation - Together, in a non-rushed appointment, we will begin to peel back the layers, always seeking the root cause of dis-ease. Through different modalities such as nutrition, exercise, lifestyle counseling, bodywork, herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, and flower essences, I will put together a custom plan for you. 

Comprehensive Naturopathic & Consultation - New Clients meet to discuss a baseline with client history, receive stress reduction therapy and a personalized flower essence consultation focusing on an individualized wellness of plan of action. The goal with the complete intake will establish different modalities focusing on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle indicators, bodywork, herbs, nutritional supplements and flower essences. A comprehensive plan is developed to encourages a journey to heal physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 

Emotional Energy Balancing - Emotional Energy Balancing can provide impressive results for physical and emotional issues. Any mechanical, emotional, or nutritional stress can impede the body’s natural healing potential, which then can cause physical symptoms, chronic pain, or diagnosed conditions. 

Emotional Energy Balancing - Can help remove the emotional stress and bring the body into a balanced state. Balancing utilizes eight different essential oils to balance each chakra point along the spine. Gentle strokes on the back help move emotional energy. Specific musical tones are played during the session to create a relaxing and inspiring environment. It is suggested that a client experience 3 sessions approximately 3-4 weeks apart to enable powerful healing. 

Percussion Therapy – Percussion massage therapy delivers a series of rapid massages to muscles and soft tissues in order to increase blood flow to targeted areas and increases muscle range of motion. Some of the benefits of using percussion therapy include: 

1) increasing blood flow to muscles, 

2) removing lymphatic waste fluids as a part of exercise and inflammation 

3) reducing post exercise soreness, 

4) helps reduce and eliminate muscle adhesions (i.e. knots or trigger points that develop naturally over time), 

5) helps to increase overall mobility, flexibility and range of motion by keeping muscle fascia loose and frictionless, 

6) Helps to activate the nervous system to give an amazing post-massage and overall feeling of relaxation and stress reduction. Great for athletes, runners and individual who suffer from chronic pain & tension.

Quantum Clay Therapy 

1st appointment $275: Last about 3 hours 

2nd appointment $175 

*These two therapy sessions are scheduled 2 weeks apart. 

You will receive a $25 discount if you pay in full at your first session. 

This is an energetic therapy that uses quantum clay mud packs to aid and support the detoxification of old and new injury sites on the body. It promotes uninterrupted energy flow to targeted muscles, organs, and chakras. Quantum mud packs can quickly eliminate years of accumulated toxins caused by an injury that may impair lymphatic flow, nerve and muscle function. Accumulated toxins have been known to prevent and or delay healing Trauma sites on the body caused by concussions, whiplash, surgery, dental work, injections, and scars negatively affect the flow of energy within the body. When the very delicate system of communication in our body is disrupted by trauma it can interfere with nerves, lymphatic flow and even blood flow to affected areas. This can affect every organ and muscle that it is associated with. “Scientists have proven that there is a measurable voltage build-up against a scar, with the scar in effect acting like an electrical “short” in the body’s bioenergy field. Through biopsies, they found that the immediate area adjacent to a scar had often become highly toxic – with a greater than normal deposition of accumulated infectious material and metabolic toxins (but unseen to the human eye).” Premier Research Laboratory. 

Far Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy Infrared Saunas are one of the most effective detox which have surface temperatures approximately 180-200 degrees. Infrared Saunas ™ penetrate more deeply below the skin than heat of a regular sauna, exciting the fat molecules to vibrate the body from the inside out

Hormone Balancing - Hormones may be balanced naturally without using risky and expensive drugs. 

At Passionately Well, we work with you to support the body’s power to naturally produce hormones and interact with all cells appropriately. It is imperative to have balanced hormonal health to enjoy vibrant energy and wellness. It all starts in the digestive system. Hormone health does not depend on age, but on a complex set of factors: quality of your diet, sleep, and exercise; the air you breathe, the water you drink, emotional health and many other life’s variables.

We can identify hormone imbalances utilizing our 24-hour urinalysis, and other testing methods which then assist us to identify the specific nutritional herbs and enzymes needed to create the individualized, comprehensive plan of care. Any three of the following may indicate a hormone imbalance: 



Blurred Vision 

Difficulty Sleeping 

PMS Symptoms 


Engorged Breast 

Excessive Facial Hair


Frequent Urination 

Painful Intercourse 

Poor Sense of Smell 

Prescription Use 

Thinning Hair 

Use of Synthetic Hormones; 

Creams, Patches or Pills 

Vaginal Dryness

Weight Issues

Use of Birth Control Rx 


History of Antibiotic Use 

Hot Flashes


Irregular Menstrual Cycle 

Lack of Interest in Sex 

Mood Swings

Oily Skin or Acne 


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Mobile Consultation & Wellness - We offer quality healthcare through phone and video consultations. Confidentiality is maintained to ensure the highest quality with privacy. 

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